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Invest in control.

Consumption and activity always under control

Real-time supervision even remotely

Optimisation of energy and economic resources

Support for the strategic management of one’s investment

Case History

Here are testimonials from those who have put their trust in us, choosing the quality and efficiency of our Building Automation & Control systems.

Vigilanza Group

Vigilanza Group becomes a partner of Microdevice, entrusting it with the complete management of the offices of the Brescia and L’Aquila offices.


Fully automated access control and management of temperature and light scenes.


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Looking for an effective tool to manage your investments?

Business Supervisor is the Building Automation & Control system (BACS) to keep your business under control. A complete and professional supervision system, Business Supervisor is designed to secure your investments by giving them continuity over time.

Would you like to know the status of your business activities without having to ask anyone? With Microdevice, you have the certainty of an investment that pays for itself, allowing you to optimise and make the most of your facility while guaranteeing measurable results in real time. The system constantly monitors and measures everything that happens in the building, from anywhere, at any time, allowing for more rigorous management.

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Business realisation for restaurant 4.0 Vivace (Brescia)

Thanks to the Supervisor web platform, the user is completely autonomous in setting customised management parameters and creating functional algorithms for his or her business.

Business Supervisor is the tool designed for the 4.0 entrepreneur to interconnect business equipment. Thanks to precise management statistics, the system collects essential information in real time on which to make well-founded and accurate management decisions.

Statistics available in real time from anywhere at any time

To make strategic management decisions, it is essential to be able to rely on accurate and up-to-date information. Business Supervisor collects real-time data from any control point integrated in the system, producing accurate and up-to-the-second statistics. The system thus allows you to supervise every room and every interconnected device conveniently from a remote location, without the need to be physically in the building.

With Business Supervisor it is possible to know, even without cameras, that the planned activities are being carried out correctly, distinguishing between different types of users. The system also allows full control of any anomalies, faults or break-ins, enabling timely intervention.

The intuitive Supervisor software is the essential tool for any entrepreneur who wants to know the status of his investment at any time and have control over supervision parameters customised to his needs. The user can receive messages via Telegram or e-mail in order to be informed in good time of activities of interest to him.

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Business realisation for Viglianza Group (Brescia)

Access control for secure buildings

Business Supervisor makes it possible to control any building access point in and out, as well as the passage through different rooms. Management can be via readers with RFID technology or via keypad.

The pir sensor, a motion sensor integrated on each control panel, allows the detection of presence and movement in real time, storing the date and time and providing an immediate view of all premises where people are in motion. The system’s database provides essential statistics for informed business management.

Business realisation for restaurant 4.0 Vivace (Brescia)

Energy consumption constantly under control for all devices

The patented m-ant® integrated in the system enables harmonious energy use, building control through the activity of electrical devices, and precise and rigorous energy efficiency.

With m-ant®, the investor can know if business activities are taking place, when, and what their cost in energy terms is. The system constantly monitors the activity of each device connected to the electricity and/or water grid, providing valuable information to assess the progress of their business or intervene promptly in the event of faults or anomalies.

The data collected by m-ant® are made available to Business Supervisor to produce statistics for optimal building management and thus business activity.

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Business realisation for Vigilanza Group (Brescia)

Enterprise Resource Management

The system enables the management of valuable company resources such as water, fuel and energy, giving the owner full control over the expenses and consumption involved in the conduct of business.

Thanks to Microdevice’s building automation, even corporate welfare policies can be managed fully automatically and securely.

Optimal conditions for carrying out activities

The environmental sensors that can be integrated in Business Supervisor allow optimal conditions for activities in the building to be maintained. In this way, the healthiness of the air is guaranteed, as is the optimisation of natural resources such as wind, sunlight and rain.

Microdevice’s light sensors detect the intensity level of natural and artificial light. By interacting with the controls of windows, sashes and curtains, the sensors ensure an optimal level of lighting at all times.

To prevent damage caused to structures by adverse weather conditions, Microdevice integrates the control of devices with wind and rain sensors, which control the opening and closing of blinds, sashes and windows.

Thanks to the humidity sensors integrated in the Supervisor system, it guarantees precise and punctual automatic irrigation even in the most advanced hydroponic systems.

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Business realisation for ristorante 4.0 Vivace (Brescia)

Integrated environmental sensors

To ensure optimal air quality at all times, Microdevice sensors for CO2, mould and humidity detection protect the health of those living in the rooms by automatically activating the Air Handling Unit (AHU), or alerting the user to the need to open windows. In this way, employees can work in optimal conditions at all times, which support their productivity.

With Business Supervisor you get 4.0 tax breaks

Business Supervisor can transform your business into 4.0, as a capital asset part of an integrated building automation & control system (BACS) that allows loading, unloading, handling and process management in real time.

Business Supervisor is defined as a capital asset according to the ‘Industry 4.0’ model and can therefore benefit from the tax credit pursuant to Art. 1, paragraphs 1051 to 1063, Law 178/2020.

Turn your business into 4.0 and enjoy the numerous tax benefits!

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