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Maximum safety and total comfort for your home.

Home Supervisor, a modular system.

Home Supervisor is the complete system to bring domotics into your home.

Every room of the building can be managed by Home Supervisor in order to realise an accurate and timely control of accesses, temperature, light controls, alarms and management of electric utilities. The main management modules relate to: access control, thermoregulation, management of luminous scenic designs, system management, remote control (web/mobile).

From the great Microdevice experience, the home ad-hoc system

The “Smart House” carries out the functions humans have been accustomed for decades to dealing with personally. It can manage different functional aspects of life, through a centralised supervision and control system, thus improving the security and comfort of the inhabitants.
The systems and devices you can control through a home computerised automation system are many and include: lighting, alarm and security systems, air-conditioning, HI-FI stereo and home theatre systems, garden irrigation systems, door, window, gate and shutter opening/closing.

Access control

Entrances, gates and garages are usually equipped with “Access control” readers, which are able to allow or not access to a certain room and detect:

  • Date and time of entry;
  • Date and time of exit;
  • The person who logged in.

In traffic analysis, you can select the accesses for which you want to see the movements and keep those entrances under control by providing an intrusion detection warning. Every door opening made without the proper authorisations causes an alarm.
Every alarm detected by the system is stored in a history file. The software then allows you to select the collected data and obtain reports.


The use of the Home Supervisor system, equipped with Microdevice thermostat, allows to achieve energy efficiency by significantly reducing consumption, and therefore the management costs of home heating/cooling systems.
Allows you to achieve considerable energy savings through:

  • The suspension of power supply in unoccupied rooms;
  • The control of the temperatures of various rooms, also through the determination of different thermal climates over the 24 hours.

The correct management of temperatures is obtained thanks to the precision with which the Microdevice thermostat detects the temperature and therefore the rule: a resolution of only 0.25°C. Home Supervisor is also able to adjust different types of air conditioning systems: fan-coil, split (Daikin, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, etc.), radiators and underfloor heating.

Managing luminous atmospheres

The regulation of the lights in the environment is carried out through special panels capable to manage the light sources, depending on their location: external lights, day, night lights, etc…

The great advantage of this module is to group in a single point (standard box 503) as many as 8 light circuits, thus greatly simplifying the system management and avoiding “deviations and shunts”.

Favouring unprecedented comfort, it is possible to manage and program all the lights of the room remotely: from switching on to off, up to the regulation of the light intensity (dimmer 0-10 V). It is possible to achieve a minimum of 20% savings for the lighting energy inside the building, since the lights remain on in the various rooms only during the actual permanence of the people.

The luminous scenic designs can be used in all environments, therefore adjusting intensity, colours and sources depending on the areas of the house and the moods.

System Management

Home Supervisor manages every function of the home electrical and hydraulic system.
Thanks to the Microdevice system, it is also possible to program, adjust and supervise irrigation pumps, roller shutters, curtains, motorised Venetian blinds, anti-theft devices.

Remote control

Supervision of features can also take place remotely. Remote control is possible from a normal computer connected to the Internet, from a tablet or simply from a mobile phone.

Technical aspects

An advanced system for full control of the building.

The technology used is similar to that used in the building automation systems (supervision and control of buildings), thanks to which even a single operator can simultaneously manage all aspects related to the operation of the building.

Usually, a computerised system with transmission units and connecting cables both between the system modules and to household systems (electricity, water, heating, etc.) is installed.
Microdevice uses a “fieldbus” system for the connections, communication and interaction of the various modules, with an extremely efficient standard protocol that allows high speed and performance and to reduce the number of electrical cables in the house.

The automation system is thus able to control all the others through special panels, made by Microdevice with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

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