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Do H-Supervisor systems provide fingerprint or facial recognition access?

Microdevice has gone beyond the concept of fingerprint or facial recognition access, eliminating the need to develop an ad hoc program. Each user has a unique personal account, which does not require them to provide sensitive data or use apps (subject to obsolescence). The Microdevice system takes advantage of the security mechanisms which are already present on the user’s devices.

How does the user manage H-Supervisor systems?

Our devices have control panels with “Quick Commands” (also activated by Siri), which allow you to take actions on every area of the building, both locally and remotely. In particular, remote control allows complete and precise management from anywhere and at any time.

Do H-Supervisor systems last over time?

Microdevice makes continuity one of its founding values. We design and construct our products with the aim of making them durable and never subject to the passing of time, even though the market has accustomed us to electronic components and software needing to be replaced at frequent intervals. At any time, even after installation, new features can be implemented without the need to replace the whole System. This way, Microdevice makes it possible for you to incrementally refit your systems, preserving as much of the existing devices as possible. Our choice allows you to avoid unnecessary waste, and benefit from products which can potentially last forever.

In addition, each one of our software updates is always compatible with all versions of the Microdevice equipment installed to date. This allows us to respond to ever-changing automation needs, even allowing for future needs which are currently unforeseeable.

To learn more about the value of continuity, visit the dedicated page.

What types of buildings are H-Supervisor systems suitable for?

Our automation and supervision systems are suitable for all types of buildings: from new ones, to renovations, to historic homes.

To simplify the installation process, Microdevice has developed ad hoc patents and innovative methods which reduce construction costs and times. 

Learn about our case studies by visiting the Works section of our website.

Will I save electricity by installing an H-Supervisor system?

Yes, our systems allow you to save energy through the intelligent management of electrical loads and energy sources. Our European Patent m-ant® makes it very easy to supervise the overall consumption, as well as each individual user and/or outlet.

To learn more about the m-ant® patent, visit the dedicated page.

Will I save water energy by installing an H-Supervisor system?

Yes, our systems allow you to save energy through intelligent delivery system. Our European Patent m-ant® makes it very easy to control the overall consumption, as well as each individual user’s and/or outlet’s.

To learn more about the m-ant® patent, visit the dedicated page.

Are Microdevice technologies from different generations compatible with each other?

Since 1989, Microdevice has guaranteed perfect compatibility between its Building Automation devices from different generations. We only offer products which are always up-to-date and expandable. This way, you don’t need to replace your system to be able to upgrade its features or aesthetic finish.

Can I change just one component of the system or add a feature which had not been previously planned without replacing anything else?

Yes, we are the only company on the market able to guarantee this possibility, as it is an integral part of our founding values.

Why does Microdevice not use one of the communication protocols so called “open” and "standard"?

The standardisation of a product is by definition arbitrary and intended to meet the needs of the manufacturer, which imposes itself on the buyer in a subtle way.

To ensure the speed, accuracy and reliability of our systems, we need a protocol capable of significantly higher performance. Microdevice uses a globally certified industrial protocol. This HDLC/SDLC protocol is the basis of a secure, solid and expandable system. Within it, each device communicates efficiently with the others, “speaking a common language” to transmit information quickly and efficiently.

Is it possible to use existing wiring from another manufacturer?

In some cases yes, this operation is possible.

Do H-Supervisor systems provide notification modes?

Yes, each Microdevice system sends real-time personalised and customisable notifications about activities and anomalies, communicating with the user only through reliable channels (e.g. Telegram).

Do the Systems by Microdevice allow for the management of thermo-technical areas?

We have specialized in the control of termotechnical plants (such as thermal power stations, air treatment units and refrigeration units). Our expertise has grown thanks to an open, ongoing dialogue with our customers: we ask them to tell us about their specific needs to offer a customized system.

Our systems for boiler management allow users to spare energy and enable them to control the performance of the boilers in an easy, efficient way.

Do H-Supervisor Systems allow for the integration of new features?

Our Systems were created to have no limits. Their features can always be expanded and upgraded to meet any specific need. We regularly update our software, making it more and more user-friendly and we share the new features and products requested by our customers with everyone who decides to choose us.

Over the past 10 years, we have met the needs of more than 1.000 customers. This experience has enabled us to significantly upgraded our Systems.

Each of our patents (Colunbus, m-ant®, Frigo Online and Cassaforte-on-line) is fully integrable in all H-Supervisor Systems.

Who is in charge of installing your systems?

Our Systems can be installed by any electrician, because they are built to guarantee simple wiring and connection.

In case anyone wishes to know more about the installation process, we offer free courses at our headquarters in Flero (Bs, Italy). The courses are an opportunity to get to know our Systems and our company better.

What is the main advantage of having a unique System to control rooms, common areas and thermo-technical areas?

The main advantage of a single system is the use of a single bus cable to control the different field elements. This allows information to flow fast among the different parts of the system.

This way, each device can be activated quickly and individually on the basis of specific management needs. For example, hotels can automatically set the shutdown of sanitary water recirculation pumps every time guests leave the rooms.

Can I vary the lighting design according to the type of guest accessing e hotel room?

Yes, of course. The Systems by Microdevice can accurately recognise the type of user accessing a room, thanks to the internal badge reader. Depending on the needs of the guest or staff, it is possible to customise the lighting design.

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Training courses

Microdevice periodically organises free training days at their headquarters for groups of electricians, maintenance workers, hotel managers and receptionists.

The courses cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the general operation of Supervisor systems;
  • Presentation of all screens related to access control, thermoregulation, shift and alarm management, etc.;
  • Replacement of equipment.

The training is provided at the electricians and maintenance workers premises, while for the administrative staff and employees in the facility it is carried out on site. At the end of each course, all the necessary documentation is issued.

The “group” training lasts one day, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m.

To confirm your presence, just subscribe by phone or use the contact form. You will be contacted for acknowledgement of receipt.

For customers who want a personalised service, Microdevice is available to organise training days for a fee, to be held at the customer’s facility. If you are interested in this training solution, please request a customised quote.

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