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Training courses

Microdevice periodically organises free training days at their headquarters for groups of electricians, maintenance workers, hotel managers and receptionists.

The courses cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the general operation of Supervisor systems;
  • Presentation of all screens related to access control, thermoregulation, shift and alarm management, etc.;
  • Replacement of equipment.

The training is provided at the electricians and maintenance workers premises, while for the administrative staff and employees in the facility it is carried out on site. At the end of each course, all the necessary documentation is issued.

The “group” training lasts one day, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m.

To confirm your presence, just subscribe by phone or use the contact form. You will be contacted for acknowledgement of receipt.

For customers who want a personalised service, Microdevice is available to organise training days for a fee, to be held at the customer’s facility. If you are interested in this training solution, please request a customised quote.

Support by FAQ

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You deal with thermo-technical areas?

The control of heating technicians (such as thermal power plants, U.T.A., refrigeration units) has become our strong point. This control was born from listening to our customers: we do not produce a standardized system, but we ask our hoteliers to express their needs to us to expand the system for their use and consumption. Controlling the boilers means maximizing the benefits of energy saving and making it easier for our hotelier to check the performance of these apparently difficult to manage elements.

In case you want to integrate some functionality would it be possible?

Our system was not created to have limits, on the contrary, to be able to be expanded and thus become increasingly efficient. We improve the software every month making it more “user friendly” and we make sure that the news requested by a hotelier can become the patrimony of all those who have trusted us. Today the system is much richer than ten years ago because it has collected the needs of our 1000 customers and all of them today can integrate, for example, our patents: on-line fridge and on-line safe.

Who is in charge of installing your systems?

Our systems can be installed by any electrician, because they are built to make the wiring and connection of the equipment simple. Despite this, we are concerned with giving free courses at our headquarters in Flero to anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of the Supervisor system and of our company.

What is the main advantage of having a unique system for controlling rooms, common areas and thermo-technical areas?

The main advantage of a single system is the use of a single bus cable to control the different field elements. This allows the quick interaction of information from the various parts of the system. Therefore, the functionality of thermo-technical components can vary depending on the events of the hotel (for example, you can set the shutdown of sanitary water recirculation pumps in the event that the customer leaves the room).

May I vary the luminous scenic design according to the type of user present in the room?

Yes, of course. Microdevice is able to accurately recognise, through the internal reader, who the person present in the room is minute by minute. Depending on the needs of the guest or staff, it is possible to customise the luminous scenic designs.

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