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Easy to use, quick to install, 100% safe.
Lockers Supervisor® is a System by Microdevice for the management of online lockers.

Remote locker management – anytime, anywhere

With Lockers Supervisor®, you can view the status of all lockers in real time, at any time, from anywhere. The System is designed to provide constant monitoring of each locker as well as information about their state of cleanliness while preventing break-ins.

A convenient, fully automated check-in and check-out system allows users to access lockers autonomously, with no need for preset access codes or mechanical keys.

How does Lockers Supervisor® work?

As secure as a safe

Microdevice revolutionizes the concept of locker, delivering a device which is convenient and as secure as a safe.

Lockers Supervisor® eliminates the need for mechanical keys and randomly generated codes. As a result, the user can choose a custom access code, thereby gaining full control of the locker. The System does not recognize overly simplified codes, in order avoid break-ins. Users can thus be certain that their belongings are truly safe, and they can fully enjoy sport activities, moments of relax or their working day.

Lockers can be made available for a fixed amount of time and an hourly fee can be set up in advance. The integrated management system computes the usage time of each locker automatically.

Lockers Supervisor® comes in three versions: with nine-digit or twelve-digit keypad, as well as with transponder reader (for key card access).

Customer: QC Terme (Milan)

Automatic user recognition

To guarantee maximum security, Lockers Supervisor® recognizes the type of user accessing the lockers. Access codes are identified based on their length, so that cleaning and maintenance staff can be distinguished from customers or guests.

The cleaning staff is identified through a dedicated code and its activities are recorded by the System. In this way, you will always get real-time updates about the state of sanitization of every locker, as well as about the amount of time dedicated to the cleaning. As a result, health and hygiene safety are guaranteed and always verifiable.

Manage thousands of lockers anytime, from anywhere

With Lockers Supervisor®, you can manage thousands of lockers at the same time, even if they are located in different buildings around the world.

On screen, you can view 2D and 3D floor plans of your building and have both a general and a detailed overview of all lockers, even remotely, just as if you were there. The System also facilitates the management of lockers in compliance with Covid-19 prevention and distancing measures.

Customer: QC Terme (Milan)

The complete supervision system

Lockers Supervisor® is not just a product: it is a complete Supervision System. It provides usage statistics, allowing you to make management decisions based on actual and up-to-date data.

For example, in spas, swimming pools and gyms, access distribution statistics make it possible to adjust sales prices and to plan special offers in low season.
Access frequency statistics also allow for a more efficient locker allocation, facilitating social distancing to prevent Covid-19 contagion.

Customer: QC Terme (Milan)

Lockers Supervisor® is the perfect solution for:

  • Spas
  • Golf clubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • University and college campuses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Changing rooms in big companies
  • Storage of sensitive documents
  • Storage of special goods (weapons, medicines, medical records, and valuables)
  • Luggage storage in airports, train stations, ski resorts and on ships

Lockers and changing rooms in spas, swimming pools, fitness centers and gyms, big companies, campuses, schools and hospitals

Lockers Supervisor® raises the security level of personal belongings storage and reduces the risk of break-ins in busy environments. By eliminating the need for mechanical keys, Lockers Supervisor® allows users to enjoy their activities without fear of losing their access key. This way, guests can enjoy sport activities, moments of relax or their working day without worry.

Luggage storage in airports, train stations, ski resorts and on ships

Lockers Supervisor® allows you to manage large quantities of lockers without being physically present. The remote control provides you with a comprehensive overview anytime, from anywhere and in real time.

Customer: Villaggio Amico (Gerenzano, Milan)

Lockers for pharmacies, hospitals and other medical facilities

Lockers Supervisor® guarantees safe access to medical equipment and medicines, as well as to medical records and sensitive documents, thereby protecting patients.

At Microdevice, we design our products guided by the value of continuity

Lockers Supervisor® was created to be integrated into any other Supervision System by Microdevice. It is extremely flexible, and its functions can be calibrated according to the specific needs of each customer.

“Continuity is necessary, because the choices you are making today are building your tomorrow” – Claudio Abrami, CEO at Microdevice

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