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Professional supervision systems

Microdevice has created a complete and modular system, which meets all needs with a simple and intuitive use accessible to all.

Energy efficiency
Management & Supervision

The H-Supervisor system solves many problems regarding the management and control of multiple facilities and is patterned after the building in which it is installed: Hotels, nursing homes, offices and luxury homes.

Customer: Areadocks Boutique Hotel (Brescia)

Simplified interface

Supervision means collection and quality of accurate data to perform a 360-degree control and management of the facility.
Such control is possible only by providing a safe, stable, robust and easy-to-use system.

With the H-Supervisor software, information and data related to management are fixed and easy to interpret, and the user is finally free to clearly understand what happens to the system, to distinguish the warnings between logical and non-logical, by facilitating investigations of faults and the correct identification of any anomalies, thus intervening appropriately with regulation and management, also from the Web.

Durability, reliability and savings

The Microdevice system is developed to stand the test of time.

Modularity and continuity allow Microdevice products to be long-lasting and expandable to take advantage of future opportunities or to always meet new needs.
The constant adherence to the best quality standards, the research and development of new modules compatible with existing products and equipment, allow Microdevice to maintain and renovate systems built even more than 25 years ago.

To achieve all this, it is essential to adopt the use of industrial communication protocols, which allow to manage a system with distributed intelligence, of which each part is independent and self-sufficient in the local management where it is arranged.
This protocol allows to manage a system with distributed intelligence, of which each part is independent and self-sufficient in the local management it is designated for. Therefore, each of these smart units is able to support specific local functions while keeping the entire system constantly informed about its status.

Customer: ristorante Vivace (Brescia)

The safe and smart solution

The card is the most safe and functional system for the management of Building Automation systems.

The great advantage is the real-time dialogue between the card and the central supervision system.

A smart, handy and multifunctional solution: the information flow allows the access control management, thus recording all movements made by employees and/or customers inside the building.

From a technical point of view, the card is still an extremely safe tool and thanks to our protocol it is never reproducible, or subject to wear or alterations due to electrostatic discharges.

For a safe and fast automation the card is the tool on which to bet.

  • Standalone locks of the best known manufacturers;
  • Accesses and services: monitoring of all internal dynamics of the facility from the garage to the sauna.

CARD advantages

  • Non-duplicable
  • Non-demagnetisable

Ease of use, great performance

The control panel consists of a PC and the H-Supervisor software; the communication with the Smart Units in the room occurs through a simple wiring.

All this is a guarantee to eliminate any possible errors during installation and simplify maintenance operations.

The room’s Smart Units thanks to their NVRAM memory ensure the correct operation of the room services even after a PC blackout or damage. 

From the supervision station, it is possible to monitor in real time the status of rooms and common areas, alarm statuses and staff movements.


The graphical interface created with the aim of making the system extremely intuitive through the use of icons, also makes it possible to view the facility at a floor or single-room level.

A constantly evolving system

Over the years, H-Supervisor developed interfaces with the most popular management and air-conditioning software.

Management: Ciao Manager, Elle hotel (Ebis Informatica), Fidelio Opera (Oracle), Geasystem, Leonardo (GestioneAlbergo), Gestione Albergo (Gialb), Orange Suite (Orange Lab), Scrigno Front Office (GP Dati), Syshotel Genius (Sysdat Turismo), Nuconga (Evols), Protel (Serenissima Informatica), Suite 4°, Hotel 4°, Hotel 3° (Ericsoft), Hotelcube (Proxima Service), PAR Springer Miller Systems (distribuito da NexHos), Leonardo H2000 (LTL Informatica), Infor.

Smart Room Management Partner: Okkami

Climatization: Aermec, Clivet, Daikin, Hitachi, LG, Messana, Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Electric e Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Panasonic – Sanyo, Samsung, Swegon, Toshiba.

Locks: AGB, Iseo serrature, Cisa, VingCard, Salto.

Lights: Dmx, Dali, 0 – 10 v

Safety Box: IndelB, Technomax, Stark, Cisa, Viro.

Frigobar: IndelB, Dometic, Electrolux.

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