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The professional supervision domotic system dedicated to Hotels

Certainty in hotel domotic automation

Hotel Supervisor belongs to the category of domotic systems with distributed intelligence used specifically for the automation integrated in hotel facilities.

Thanks to Microdevice hotel domotics, you can easily and effectively manage energy savings, security, alarm and access controls with maximum comfort in rooms and common areas.

Installation flexibility and speed

Designed with maximum flexibility, Hotel Supervisor is based on state-of-the-art technological concepts that ensure the reliability, ease of use and expandability of the system.
With Hotel Supervisor, you can customise each system to meet your specific needs, thus simplifying hotel domotics in cabling, installation and maintenance tasks. You can manage any changes on the system in remote control.

Hotel Supervisor for Areadocks Boutique Hotel (Brescia, Italy)

Managing rooms

The management allows the assignments of the rooms to the customers and the desired authorizations (e.g. accesses to services, such as solarium, sauna, swimming pool, etc.).
All room settings, such as temperature, fan-coil speed (with customer in room, out of room or with free room) are customisable. You can also keep under control the traffic of the rooms with the passages of customers and service staff (waiter, maintenance).
Reports related to room consumption are also available.

Managing common areas

The common areas can also be customised by managing the desired temperature, the turning on and off of the lights, controlling alarms and services, allowing entries and passages only to enabled cards.

The supervision software manages the issuance of cards and the assignment of services for each individual user, as well as the check-in and check-out.

All information can be viewed through the real-time supervision system at the central site.

Hotel Supervisor for Areadocks Boutique Hotel (Brescia, Italy)

Reception area

The software allows the configuration of the general parameters of the hotel, by monitoring in real time a series of data related to the management of customers and their rooms.

Hotel Supervisor for Viola MHotel (Grumello del Monte, BG, Italy)

Managing external accesses

The management of the most common external accesses includes: box entrances and exits and entries to the hotel complex or generic external facilities, while controlling their traffic and passages as a guarantee of security, having the goal of meeting the needs and comfort of customers.
You can manage various permit shifts and charged services.

Hotel Supervisor for Hotel Mediterraneo (Florence, Italy)

Managing technological systems

The types of systems controlled with Hotel Supervisor include: thermoregulation of thermotechnics, boilers and AHUs (Air Handling Units).
The integration of our H-Supervisor system allows savings on plant engineering, simplifies its management and reduces consumption up to 30%.

Hotel Supervisor for Vip's Motel (Lonato del Garda, BS, Italy)

Managing Frigobar Online

This module for hotel rooms allows the online management of the fridge and mini-bar control with automatic charge.

All this is possible only thanks to the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system, designed and produced by Microdevice and in use in multiple hotel facilities.

Mini-fridge-bar on-line is one of the members of the “smart room” family and is an essential element of hotel domotics.

Hotel Supervisor for La Suite Matera Hotel & Spa (Matera, Italy)

Optional services

A hotel domotic system can not but contemplate the management of sauna, solarium, fitness room systems. Accounting, charging and access control to these services are also part of the great features of Hotel Supervisor.

Hotel Supervisor for Vip's Motel (Londato del Garda, BS, Italy)

Managing Cassaforte Online

A system that gives your guests the most comforting sense of security: thanks to a quick-install connection module, it easily adapts to all common safes and gives you absolute reliability for the security of the most precious goods.

Hotel Supervisor for La Giolosa Gardapartments (Moniga del Garda, BS, Italy)

Microdevice-e, the integrated car charger 4.0

Microdevice-e is the charging station for your electric vehicle, perfectly integrated in the new Hi4-Supervisor System.

With Microdevice, energy consumption can be easily managed in accordance with the maximum power outputReal time charge reports can be accessed anywhere and at any time, from PC, smartphone or tablet.

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