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A portal to the future

Human-scale automation

From the encounter between Microdevice‘s building automation and Studio Marco Piva‘s design comes Ether®. A multifunction system that enables the building to which it is connected to be automated by integrating fully customizable controls into entrance doors, interior doors, and inside walls. Thanks to the flexibility of the Supervisor systems, the management functions adapt to the characteristics of the building and the specific needs of the user, evolving with them.

Ether®, a portal to the future

Simplification of the electrical installation

Ether® is a registered patent that radically changes the appearance of the electrical panel by simplifying building installations, guaranteeing the reduction of the construction time and ensuring the integrated management of all devices connected to the network.

Timely and secure management, including remotely through paired devices

360° supervision of the building

Through Ether®, the property can control every parameter of the building, every device connected to the electricity and water grid, and keep track of energy consumption.

The control parameters include, for example, heating and air conditioning, calibrated according to the detected temperature and humidity levels. Also, alarms and access (via card or keypad) are also supervised by the system and promptly notified to associated devices to ensure secure real-time control.

Control of environmental parameters and air quality

Thanks to its integrated environmental sensors, Ether® also enables the automatic management of lighting, lighting scenes, doors and curtains on the basis of detected brightness, and ensures the proper sanitisation of rooms according to humidity and CO2 levels. The system allows the management of customised parameters such as the sound system and automatic irrigation.

In the event of faults and malfunctions, Ether® ensures maximum safety through an alarm system with integrated fire sensors for gas and CO2 detection, and through timely notifications in the event of a short circuit.

Sustainability and energy optimisation

Ether® is a tool that enables sustainable management of the building to which it is connected: through integration with m-ant®, the European patent by Microdevice, the system enables the control and reporting of energy consumption, automatically calibrating the power supply only to the devices needed for the user’s activities.

Showroom Lualdi Porte (Fuori Salone, Milano)

Customised management for each building and context

Ether® comes in three variants to meet the management needs of the Home, Business and Hospitality&Wellness sectors. Each version has been designed and implemented with a combination of functionalities specific to the respective management context and can be further extended with algorithms that can be fully customised by the owner.


Ether® can be connected to any type of control system, including voice control systems, for easy and smartphone-friendly management, even remotely.

Designed to blend harmoniously into the door structure and the interior of walls, Ether® can be perfectly integrated into both new construction and renovation projects. In collaboration with Saint Gobain, Microdevice has optimised the product’s housing within the plasterboard structures to ensure maximum flexibility during installation, both in technical and aesthetic terms.

Building automation, design and customisation

Ether®’s design was conceived in collaboration with Lualdi and Studio Marco Piva in three exquisite finishes to meet the contemporary taste of the most advanced and demanding architects: Moonstone, Black Galaxy, Starlight.

In addition to the three distinctive variants, Ether® is fully customisable in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality, guaranteeing continuity with the style of the rooms that house it and ensuring a management experience that is tailored to the needs of those who live in them.

Discover Colunbus

Ether® arose from the development of the Colunbus patent, the system that merges the electrical world into home automation, transforming it into an advanced and modern key to supervision.

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