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Aesthetics with attention to the smallest details, to meet the needs of the most refined customers.
A new concept for those who love a sophisticated, minimal, contemporary and refined design.



Rolling Style®

The Rolling Style® line of panels was born from the collaboration with the architect Jacques Garcia of Paris for the renovation of one of the most important and historic Italian hotels.



Life & Design®

A line designed and created with a new look and a new electronics composed of specific microprocessors of the latest generation, to allow Life & Design to express a personality not only aesthetic, but of functionality and stability of operation.




Rolling Design®

The Rolling Design® line was born from the merger of the two Rolling Style® and Life & Design® lines to respond in a timely manner to the real needs of the guest: simplicity and immediacy in using the controls.




Your Light

Design and customization at the highest levels, because communicating with your customers is essential, but doing it through a panel accessing the rooms, using a card and ensuring efficient service, is even more beautiful.



Click & Touch

Click & Touch is the “basic” line of panels with a technology designed to offer maximum design and command certainty, where the confirmation of the choice made is underlined by the “click”.



your design

Design, extreme customization and efficient service, through an access panel to the rooms with the use of a card.


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