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L’elettro-arredo di eterna durata

Colunbus is a Microdevice patent, for a 4.0 system that merges the electrical world in home automation and transforms it into an advanced and modern supervisor key, which easily adapts to any type of housing, whether new construction or renovation.

A complete system, with distributed intelligence, ideal for offices, homes, nursing homes but also B & Bs and hotels because it allows you to manage and control, in a simple and precise way, all the variables of a building in real time: consumption, alarms, access , air conditioning, thermal power plants, controls, irrigation, music, light scenes…

A flexible solution

A reliable product, created to save money and last over time, easy to use for all ages, in which the management of the commands can be carried out simultaneously both on the spot (through the multi-function panels of Microdevice, with a unique and customizable design) both remotely, through the modern and intuitive H-Supervisor software interface, which allows you to view and program the status of the entire building from anywhere, using any PC, tablet or smartphone and any browser, without the obligation to download
or update apps.

Electro-furniture 4.0

With Colunbus all electricity runs outside the walls, in maximum safety and simplicity: it is a highly technological piece of furniture, which blends into the environment in which it is inserted, customizable according to your needs, implementable over time, designed to accommodate any technological innovation of the future.
Its intrinsic selective capacity allows it to stem any electrical anomaly, without creating total current cuts and consequent waste of energy.

Business Supervisor for restaurant Vivace (Brescia, Italy)

Savings and quick integration

An idea that reduces labor costs and times by more than 30%: No centralized electrical panel, no cables hidden in floors or walls, no annoying and costly splitting to decide the positioning of electrical sockets (sockets that are never enough or worse, when you inhabit space, you find that they are not where they are needed).
Colunbus is the ideal solution for those who want to live in a safe environment: the health of the person is safeguarded from possible electric shocks, thanks to the maximum sensitivity of its components in case of accidental human contact.

Designed for the needs of the end user

A flexible product, designed to accommodate new features and to integrate with any electrical object of the future.
A solution that focuses on the freedom of the end user, since you can decide its location whenever you want, based on the arrangement of the furniture or according to last-minute changes.

Integration with Fluxus – Plant engineering 4.0

Colunbus is the only solution compatible with the FLUXUS * patent by Italia Smart Building, for a new concept of simplified building, without masonry, 100% eco-sustainable and entirely Made in Italy.

Always implementable system
Customizable design
RGB led lighting included
The only 4.0 key system in an assembly kit
CO2 anh humidity sensor
Total absence of masonry works for installation
Cancel electromagnetic fields
With the integration of "M-ant" (European Patent), power outages are avoided and high safety for children is guaranteed
Integrated PIR sensor and voice commands
Integrable with sensors for external environmental parameters (wind, rain and light)

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