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The patented system to know and manage energy consumption in every building.

With so many electrical devices connected at the same time, the meter always jumps in the
less suitable moments. It is only months later, when the bill arrives, that one notices leaks, increases or anomalies in consumption and water losses.

To prevent all this, Microdevice has developed m-ant®, the patent for the management of all energy consumption of the building that optimises resources by preventing power cuts automatically and on time.

Business Supervisor for My beverages S.r.l. (Madone – BG, Italy)

m-ant® is the solution…

  • To control and optimize energy consumption.
  • To detect and monitor leaks and anomalies.
  • To know about any inappropriate consumption.
  • To avoid power cuts.
  • To manage company resources efficiently.
  • To control of the photovoltaic system.
  • With simple and intuitive settings.
  • With statistics and consumption history also accessible remotely.
  • Manageable from PC, tablet and mobile.
Business Supervisor for restaurant Vivace (Brescia, Italy)

The m-ant® system consists of consumption measurement devices connected at every point in the building directly to the BAS of the H-Supervisor automation system.

The data collected by m-ant® is made available to the supervisory system to produce statistics that enable optimal management of electricity and water resources.

With m-ant® it is possible to read the status of consumption from each panel, eliminating the need to go to the room in the building where the meter is located.

m-ant® allows new control points to be added, adapting to new and changing management requirements.

Hotel Supervisor for La Giolosa Gardapartments (Moniga del Garda – BS, Italy)

m-ant® is a ductile and scalable system that exercises energy management at the level of the total consumption as well as of individual users and/or sockets.

In the first case, the system acts by preventing the meter from being disconnected or limiting the power absorbed by the entire system. In the second case, it manages the use of utilities and sockets on the basis of the maximum electrical load set and the priority order assigned to the devices.

Access to historical consumption data allows the user to understand how to save money.

The m-ant® user has the luxury of being able to use the energy he needs without worrying about power cuts and saving on his electricity bill.

Through the Supervisor software you can manage, even remotely, the list of measuring points, connected devices, the list of associated recipes, the recipe currently active with the assigned loads and the recipe calendar.

Recipes are lists in which the user can freely organise the devices in a hierarchical order. The set hierarchy defines the priority of disconnection of each device if the set limit consumption is reached.

Water resources management

Using a standard litre counter connected to the H-Supervisor automation system, m-ant® keeps track of the facility’s water consumption, optimising resources and notifying anomalies in real time. 

To prevent irrational consumption of drinking water, the system automatically suspends supply where there is no need.

Thanks to the humidity sensors integrated in the Supervisor system, it guarantees precise and timely automatic irrigation even in the most advanced hydroponic systems.

Business Supervisor for Vigilanza Group (Brescia, Italy)

Management of corporate resources

 The m-ant® system enables the management of valuable company resources such as water, fuel and energy, giving the owner full control over the expenditure and consumption involved in running your business.

 Thanks to the supervision of the Microdevice system, even corporate welfare policies can be managed fully automatically and securely.

Business Supervisor for My Beverages S.r.l. (Madone – BG, Italy)

The European patent for energy consumption management

m-ant® is the only patented solution that ensures real time control of all consumptions

energy. With a resolution of 10 W and remotely controllable, it is guaranteed by a professional building automation system.

At a time when energy saving and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important, in a market that has accustomed the user to planned obsolescence of products, a unique and innovative system is born.

m-ant® turns the ideal of saving into reality by providing a contemporary and concrete reinterpretation of the concept of the ‘modern ant’.

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