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Life & Design®

Line realised with a new look and electronics consisting of specific microprocessors of the latest generation, easy to understand and pleasant feel.

The aesthetic details are treated in an extreme way, the choice of metal and soft touch button is deliberately designed to respond to a need for concreteness and robustness.

Complete with an external numerical code panel for access management in total autonomy and security, ideal for unmanned facilities, by using a secret and unique code combined with online reservations.

Life & Design® panel for the management of lights and luminous scenic designs, at Casa Fantini Lake Time, Lake d’Orta.

Life & Design® Panel for the management of access to the SPA, at Vivere Suites and Rooms in Arco (Trento).


The panels are customizable according to needs.
*Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only; layout of buttons, writings and colours may vary.

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