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The BMS professional supervision system for hospitals, care homes and nursing homes.

A fast-integration automation system

Main features:

  • Access control and attendance detection of the healthcare workers divided by categories (BMS);
  • Control of air conditioning, heating, lights, curtains and much more;
  • Specific functions for Alzheimer’s patients and disabled people of all types.

Customer: RSA Orpea Casa Mia (Verdello – BG)

Customer: RSA Bernina (Sondrio, Italy)

Call to nurses and healthcare personnel

The message arrives where the presence of the staff is verified and confirmed, thanks to the identification card.

Inserting the badge in the appropriate reader:

  • Stops alarm signals;
  • Starts recording the duration of the intervention;
  • Reaches the appropriate ward personnel.

The inpatient call management with Hospital Supervisor:

  • Reassures the patient and reduces the response time;
  • Locates the personnel and stores their identities;
  • Safely oversees every intervention.
Customer: RSA Villaggio Amico (Gerenzano – VA, Italy)

Manned reception

Times, waits or delays are remembered by the supervision system, embodying a clear documentation of the event, which is available for consultation for any need.

  • Alarm recording and their severity;
  • Sorting reports where nurse presence is detected;
  • Displaying the request at the reception and at the ward.
Customer: RSA Villaggio Amico (Gerenzano – VA, Italy)

Access control

The benefits of the Hospital Supervisor System are:

  • Certainty of access only to authorised people;
  • Detailed analysis of data with access to history file;
  • Accesses managed by badges, RFID and keypad.

Security and alarms for proper optimisation

  • History file of events: monitoring the alarms that occurred in the rooms (when, where and who intervened to reset them);
  • Alarm type (flooding, window, SOS bathroom alarm, etc.) with the ability to select only the desired one;
  • Location indicating where the alarm occurred;
  • Date and time when the alarm was detected and reset.

Safe access to drugs

Guarantee and protection of sensitive drugs and materials with cabinets managed by Safe Lockers.

Hospital Supervisor module that allows the opening of cabinets, via cards, with materials accessible only to authorised personnel.
The system stores all openings/closures (date, time, minutes, seconds) by matching them with the card used.

Managing environmental parameters

Accurate thermoregulation of the environments for a reduction of consumption.

Environments always efficient:

    • Cooling/heating system control;
    • Automated perfuming;
  • Automation and light dimming management;
  • Customisation of soothing lights and chromotherapy.
Customer: Onoranze Funebri Mombelli (Chiari – BS, Italy)

Custom-built domotics for Farewell Halls

A specific tool, specially built for the Farewell Halls and Mortuary Houses, was created from the Hospital Supervisor system. An automation system resulting from Microdevice’s thirty years of experience, easy to use and effective in results, dedicated to total management and supervision.

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