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Rolling Design®

The Rolling Design® line was born from the merger of the two Rolling Style® and Life & Design® lines
to respond in a timely manner to the real needs of the guest: simplicity and immediacy in using the commands.

Two types of buttons in a single panel:
the classic “ON / OFF” from the Life & Design® line and the “PUSH & ROLL” from the Rolling Style® line.

This new line can also host, at the same time, a high-precision motion sensor,
a silicon temperature probe and a touch sensor for activating the night functions.

Any writings and / or icons are laser engraved and can be customized according to different needs;
a wide range of colors and the possibility to choose particular finishes for both the buttons and the plate.

All Microdevice lines are Plug & Play and interchangeable with each other.


The panels are customizable according to needs.
*Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only; layout of buttons, writings and colours may vary.

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