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The smart tray for minibars: calculating and refilling in real time

Real-time charges, prompt supplies

Compatible with all standard minibar models

Optimisation of warehouse management and staff activities

Reduction of installation costs

An exclusive Microdevice product

The ST-810 Minibar® patent consists of trays with intelligent cells that detect and signal the movements of products, distinguishing them from actual consumption and recording charges in real time.

With ST-810 Minibar®, the structure can count on efficient stocktaking, secure charges and on-time replenishments. The Supervisor software also makes available a consumption history for strategic organisation of the product assortment.

MO.OM Hotel e Motel (Olgiate Olona, VA - Italy)

Suitable for all standard minibar models

ST-810 Minibar® technology is applicable to all standard minibar models, compatible with all Supervisor systems and can also be installed independently of other Microdevice products.

Safe minibar checks and stock optimisation

When the customer takes a product, the tray detects and records the movement, reporting it to Reception, whilst being able to discern between a simple movement from an actual extraction and distinguishing the guest’s actions from those of the service staff.

Real-time stocktaking automatically drawns up an updated list of products, provides a consumption history and informs staff of the products to be supplied. In this way the

ST-810 Minibar® ensures the optimisation of stock management and personnel activities.

Intuitive software interface

ST-810 Minibar® is a multi-user and multi-session software developed in web standards specifically for the hospitality industry.
Thanks to its scalability, the ST-810 Minibar® is able to meet the needs of accommodation facilities of any size.

Inside the software interface, an intuitive system of tables and icons virtually simulates the arrangement of drinks and snacks on the shelves.

In this way, the Reception can programme the location of the products, assign a price, record an extraction and consult a history with updated statistics in real time divided by product, room number or based on custom algorithms.

Main characteristics

  • Models with 4, 8 and 10 compartments
  • Movements, consumption and charges traceable in real time
  • Door open signalling as a guarantee of energy optimisation
  • Strategic product management and waste reduction
  • Interfacing with the best-known management software (PMS)
  • Detection of the opening and extraction movements of the products with user identification and timestamps
  • Possibility of dividing the cells by cost
  • Immediate reporting of stocks depletion
  • List of missing products to be picked from the warehouse and verification of loading-unloading operations carried out by personnel

Easy to install

Discover the Plug & Play installation that reduces implementation times and costs.

Easy to use

Simplifies the management of the minibar! Find out how the ST-810 Minibar works.

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