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QC Terme Milan

Lockers Supervisor®

The luxury of relaxation meets the guarantee of maximum security and privacy. Lockers Supervisor® allows for the automatic and simultaneous management of thousands of online lockers, giving QC Terme Milano full control of the structure and providing guests with a premium wellness experience.

Technologies Installed

Timely usage statistics for strategic business management

The building automation system designed by Microdevice recognises the different types of users who access the lockers, distinguishing between guests, cleaning staff and maintenance staff. Lockers Supervisor® collects all access data by providing real-time statistics that allow the property to keep track of everything that happens in the building second by second, even without the use of cameras.

Timely statistics on the distribution of access over time provide QC Terme with information on which to base decisions for the strategic management of promotional activities.

The intuitive Hi4-Supervisor software interface supports Reception staff in assigning lockers and supervising environments. Thanks to the immediate visualisation of any activity carried out in the changing rooms, any type of anomaly or attempted break-in can be managed promptly, raising the quality of the service provided.

To integrate technology while respecting the aesthetics of the environment, QC Terme Milano opted for access keypads in the Life&Design Satin Chrome line. Each panel has been embellished with custom icons, as requested by the customer, for a clear and intuitive description of the features available in this structure.

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