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Microdevice: Building Automation for Hospitality 4.0

March 31, 2022 Tempo di lettura: 2 minuti
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Microdevice defines the future of the hospitality industry by expanding Hotel Supervisor with two new 4.0 integrations.

In a time when energy saving and efficiency are becoming crucial, the European patent m-ant® provides the ideal tool to accurately manage consumption while preventing power outages. The building automation system by Microdevice allows for a real optimisation of resources and supports the strategic management of the facility. With m-ant®, the user only utilises the resources that are strictly required to carry out activities, thereby preventing waste and saving on the bill.

The devices connected to the electrical grid and to the water supply network can be organised into lists, with each device having a specific disconnection priority. In the event of an excessive demand for energy in the building, unneeded devices disconnect automatically according to the pre-set hierarchy. This way, the energy supply is optimised and always under control, because resources are only used to meet the real consumption needs in the building.

Hotel Supervisor offers its guests a premium experience. To respond to the latest advances in electric mobility, the system can be expanded with Car Supervisor, the integrated charging station designed for the Supervisor systems.

The EV charger can be managed as a regular room service and can be activated by the guests either with their access card or with a personal code number. The property holds control of Car Supervisor at all times: power supply can be enabled directly by the reception in compliance with check-in, even remotely.

Through the Hotel Supervisor software, m-ant® and Car Supervisor collect data to support all kinds of management decisions. For example, data on energy consumption and use of services can provide relevant information for planning offers and defining seasonal price lists. Hotel Supervisor provides real-time information on the activities carried out by guests, service staff and any other person in the hotel, even remotely.

These two high-tech, high-performance products can be perfectly integrated into all Microdevice systems, even the ones that have been running for over 30 years. That is how Microdevice is able to keep its promise of technological continuity and reliability since 1981.


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