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Restaurant 4.0 with Business Supervisor

The professional supervision system designed for intelligent management of your investment.

Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

The building automation & control system for managing your restaurant

With Microdevice’s Building Automation & Control System (BACS), you keep control of your entire facility with accurate statistics delivered in real time and remotely consultable. Manage building access and product movements in the pantry securely and transparently, so you know what is happening in your kitchen at all times.

Business Supervisor gives the entrepreneur full control of their business, eliminating the need to be physically in the facility.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

True flexible and reliable home automation

Thanks to the Colunbus patent, Microdevice offers an innovative and perfectly integrated system, which allows the flexible and easy interconnection of all fielded devices. In this way, kitchen, cellar and dining room appliances are connected and supervised in real time.

With Business Supervisor, the restaurateur has a fully customised control system that can adapt to his specific management needs, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

Automated management of each environment

Microdevice automatically calibrates all building parameters. Lights, temperatures and security systems are adjusted by the system according to the preferences set by the property, providing guests with a comfortable experience.

To guarantee healthy environments, Business Supervisor integrates sensors for CO2, humidity and mould detection, designed to initiate air exchange in the event of excessive saturation or sub-optimal levels.

These sensors can provide important information about restaurant attendance and, therefore, about the turnout at different times of the day or week. The frequency and times of switch-on of the AHU thus reveal important data on restaurant attendance, providing strategic indications regarding the most and least frequented times.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

Facilitated room sanitisation

Business Supervisor is prepared for the integration of UV lamps or other certified sanitising equipment, ideal for environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and closed rooms, which can be activated in shifts or at the same time as the alarm is triggered at closing times.

Like any Microdevice System, Business Supervisor is designed to be expanded and integrated with new features without the need to replace the system or undertake invasive masonry work.

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The customisable and always expandable home automation system

Like every chef, every restaurant is different and therefore needs a system that can adapt to its characteristics.

The user has complete freedom to customise the Business Supervisor functions and to implement new ones over time, even after the system has been completed. In fact, Microdevice guarantees the expandability of each of its systems, thus meeting the specific management needs of each customer.

Realizzazione Business: Vivace (Brescia)

Access Management

Access to the common areas, the kitchen and the pantry is constantly monitored, and an up-to-date real-time history provides data on activities and movements in the building second by second. Supervision can also take place without the use of cameras, fully respecting the privacy of those who live in the restaurant.

The parameters of each room can be customised and managed automatically. With Business Supervisor, temperatures, lighting and alarms are constantly under control and their status can be checked at any time, from anywhere and with any device.

Access panels with numeric keypad or badge reader identify the type of user who has logged in and accurately record the time of entry and exit. In this way, restaurant attendance is always verifiable, as is the passage of suppliers and the loading/unloading of goods.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

Guaranteed security

Perfectly integrated into the supervision system, Lockers Supervisor® enables the intelligent management of pantries and fridges. Lockers Supervisor® enables authorised users to load and unload products by recording their activities and providing essential statistics for optimal supply management.

The use of valuable foodstuffs can be tracked in full transparency. Pantries, refrigerators and wine cellars are in fact monitored by a meticulous access control system. Lockers Supervisor® transmits usage data to the system for the production of accurate and up-to-date statistics, which are used to control the activities involving each appliance and each room.

That’s how microdevice enables 4.0 management of your business, allowing you to know at all times what is happening in your restaurant and to make strategic decisions based on objective and relevant information.

Business Supervisor automatically monitors the facility’s alarms, detecting improper access via pir sensors installed in in-building panels and reporting break-ins with timely notifications sent to paired devices.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

Energy consumption constantly under control for all devices

Microdevice’s patented m-ant® allows for harmonious energy use, performance verification and precise and rigorous energy efficiency.

With m-ant®, the restaurant’s energy consumption is constantly monitored and automatically managed. The system avoids power cuts in the event of excessive energy demand in the building and manages the consumption of different devices on the basis of the priority that the restaurateur can freely assign to each one.

The user of m-ant® has the luxury of being able to use the energy he needs without achieving significant energy efficiency as well as savings on his bill.

The data collected by m-ant® are made available to Supervisor systems to produce statistics for optimal building management.

With m-ant® it is possible to read the status of consumption from every panel in the facility, as well as remotely, anywhere and at any time.

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Business realisation: Vivace (Brescia)

The restaurant of the future thanks to building automation

Discover the Business installation realised for the Vivace restaurant.

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