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Ocelle, Boutique Hotel 4*S


In 2018, Hotel Ocelle chooses the reliability of the H-Supervisor by Microdevice system.

Technologies Installed

Microdevice was chosen for the elasticity of the H-Supervisor system and the robustness of its components.
Within the structure, Microdevice manages a wide range of BMS functions, including:

-the complete regulation of the temperatures, through the thermostat panel and probes, in rooms and common areas;

access management with the use of a reader that identifies and discriminates the cards both in the rooms and in the common areas such as the parking lot, garage, lifts, changing rooms, etc …;

-the complete management of the luminous scenography, through panels equipped with PIR, sensor that detects the movements autonomously and allows a consequent energy saving;

360 ° control of thermal power plants (sanitary water and air conditioning);

real-time recording and reporting of alarms in the facility.

The chosen line was Your Light, obtained from tempered glass and characterized by a minimal but impressive design.

In this case, the structure has opted for the installation of custom Your Light Black panels to access the room with the room number and the hotel logo.

As for thermostats, room control panels (lights, curtains, etc …) and panels that regulate the common areas, the Your Light White finish was chosen.

At the request of the owner, we have introduced the PIR in all the tempered glass panels installed inside the rooms, a sensor that independently detects movements and allows energy savings.

The line has a bright blue backlight that activates on approach and makes the atmosphere pleasant even in the dark.

The materials in which it is made allow a rapid and rapid sanitization that fully responds to the provisions on the containment and management of the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency.


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