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QC Terme Garda


In the heart of Valtenesi, a historic Renaissance building houses an oasis of nature where design and technology come together in a wellness experience.

Technologies Installed

Cutting-edge spa management

The Lockers Supervisor® system guarantees the secure management of hundreds of online lockers located in the hotel’s changing rooms, made accessible by the guest through a customisable numerical code. Microdevice thus eliminates the concept of a mechanical key, meaning the locker is as secure as a safe and preventing any break-in attempts.

The system supervises access to the lockers in real time, distinguishing between the various types of users: guests, service staff and maintenance staff. The intuitive software interface supports staff in assigning lockers and supervising environments. Thanks to automatic notifications, it is possible to promptly manage technical anomalies, maintenance and cleaning needs, in addition to break-in attempts, raising the quality of the service provided. The status of each locker can be monitored at any time and can be seen from any matching device, be it the Reception computer or the mobile device of the property, ensuring the highest standards of security for guests.

Lockers Supervsior® provides statistics on the periods of higher visitor numbers in the spa and using the services of the facility, providing management with all the information necessary to make strategic decisions to support optimal management of resources and services.

For the spa lockers, the choice of control panels falls again to the Life&Design® line, here produced with a Satin Chrome finish. The endless customisation possibilities offered by Microdevice are embodied in Palazzo Arzaga in the new access panel with square keys, perfectly matched to the decisive geometries of the pied de poule design that runs throughout the structure.

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