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Hotel La Suite Matera 5* – Luxury Guesthouse


The Suite Hotel, like Microdevice, is synonymous with elegance and connection with the guest.

Technologies Installed

Microdevice has entered the context by installing the H-Supervisor system which allows the facility total control of numerous functions within rooms and common areas, including:

temperature regulation through thermostats placed in the rooms;

the complete management of accesses through the use of transponder readers that identify and communicate in real time the data relating to the entrances / exits of main accesses, meeting room, wellness center and rooms;

For the Luxury Guesthouse the access is managed through numeric keypads that allow the possibility of entry through a unique five-digit code and are integrated with the automation of the structure, so from the central PC it is possible to monitor the data and modify any of the codes of access.

management of luminous atmospheres in rooms and common areas such as spa and meeting room;

360 °control of thermal power plants (sanitary water and air conditioning).

The line chosen was Life & Design in Black for the Hotel La Suite and White for the Luxury Guesthouse.

The line is based on refined design and created to meet the most demanding and advanced requests of customers.

The line is equipped with a bright blue backlight that makes the atmosphere pleasant even in the dark.

The magnet coupling with which the line is equipped allows for rapid and thorough sanitation that fully complies with the provisions on the containment and management of the epidemiological Covid-19 emergency.


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