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Farco Group


Farco Group is a new facility dedicated to products, services and training for the utmost security of companies.


Technologies Installed

The H-Supervisor system, implemented for this reality, ensures a supervision of all environments with the Colunbus and Click & Touch White solutions.
The management of lights, curtains, temperatures, accesses is made simple and effective, thus ensuring to the management a total security and immediate energy saving.
Profiled cards for employees allow quick verification of who is present in the company and a total management of the clocking-in/out system.
The choice of a panel outside the conference room is peculiar, depicting when it is accessible or occupied.
Moreover, Colunbus, besides being the first flexible domotic system, which can be implemented and without the need for masonry, allows to neutralize the effects of magnetic fields, thus preserving the psychophysical well-being of the person.

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