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The Building Automation H-Supervisor System for the management of the Farewell House, unique in the current market for flexibility and functionality with an important return in terms of energy savings.

A system based on industrial protocols can guarantee the farewell house:

Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Air Exchange

A specific tool was created from the Hospital Supervisor system, built ad-hoc for the Farewell Houses. An automation system resulting from thirty years of Microdevice experience , simple to use and effective in results, dedicated to total management and supervision.

The Microdevice software has ensured customers such as the Mombelli Onoranze Funebri an immediate and timely response to every need, from technical specifications , to the needs of privacy and confidentiality of visiting relatives, without ever forgetting the optimization of energy saving through the study of specific algorithms.

Industrial Building Automation that meets the technical requirements of funeral homes and farewell houses.

The technical requirements, as indicated in the decree DPR 14 February 1997, provide that:

  • The mortuary service has spaces for parking and for the preparation of corpses and a funeral chamber;
  • The entry and the exit of the structure are secured independently and there is provision for access from the external for visitors ;
  • The service is equipped with a room for observation and stopping of the corpses, a funeral chamber, a room for the preparation of staff and toilets for the latter and the mourners, a room for funeral honors at the coffin and a room for material storage use;
  • The premises must be equipped with environmental conditioning which ensures an internal temperature not exceeding 18 ° C for rooms with corpses, a relative humidity of 60% (+/- 5 °) and external air changes / hour in number of 15 v / h;
  • Presence of an emergency lighting system ;
  • Ensure surveillance, also making use of remote signaling equipment for any manifestations of life.

The specialized home automation system, guarantee of privacy and confidentiality in the farewell houses.

H-Supervisor control:

  • Access supervision (family and suppliers);
  • Temperature and air circulation management;
  • Check specific alarms;
  • Intervention planning and cleaning;
  • Event management (mortuary services and Holy Masses);
  • Control of cooling / heating systems;
  • Consumption control (electricity, calories / frigories, sanitary water);
  • AHU management (Air Treatment Unit);
  • Management of daytime, nighttime and emergency lights automatisms;
  • Highly sensitive motion sensors for burial chambers.

Case history: Mombelli Onoranze Funebri.

Giorgio Mombelli is an entrepreneur attentive to the serenity and satisfaction of his customers. Never losing sight of the respect for the deceased and his loved ones, he created a sophisticated and elegant farewell house, with attention to every detail so as to make the environment look like a large hotel.

The Mombelli structure has five ardent bedrooms, each of which with private bathroom and internal lounge, reachable from an external entrance to guarantee maximum customer privacy. The guests of the deceased access instead from a single main entrance where they are welcomed and accompanied to the dedicated burning room.

Mr. Mombelli has also studied the structure from an environmental impact point of view and with a view to optimizing consumption.
In fact, by installing the H-Supervisor System , a unique system in the current market in terms of flexibility and functionality and shaped ad-hoc on the specific needs of a farewell house, he managed to put the bases to have an important return in terms of energy saving.

Giorgio Mombelli reserves the same attention to his employees; has created for them a relaxation area, a gym and makes them participate in continuous refresher courses among the most qualified in Europe.

“It seems a simple thing, but it is not, because when there are fifty people in the room, the temperature rises and the system must be very fast in response to bring the environment back to the right temperature, without people perceiving it overhang. This is not possible with other systems. ”


Giorgio Mombelli

Mombelli Onoranze Funebri

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