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The value of continuity

“We achieve incredible things in an incredible way, because we do with passion what for others is just business.”
– Claudio Abrami

Technological continuity: a core value

At Microdevice, continuity is a core value.

We design and manufacture our products to be durable and never affected by the passage of time.

We only select top-quality materials for our hardware, ensuring product longevity and environmental sustainability.

All Microdevice automation systems can be upgraded and integrated with the latest technology, regardless of when they were installed. Since 1981, we have been offering products that are compatible with each other and with all kinds of external devices, and that are always up to date with respect to their features.

Microdevice: the dream of building automation

Always expandable and upgradeable building automation systems

The expandability of our systems allows for upgrades without requiring changes to the original installation or wiring, making it possible to meet ever-changing automation needs, including new requirements that today are still unforeseeable.

We always look to the future and know that the only way to ensure satisfaction tomorrow is to choose wisely today.

Building Automation for hotels: Microdevice and QC Terme between technological continuity and customisation

Technological continuity: when innovation overcomes product obsolescence

The real plug & play: discover the upgradable features and aesthetics of the Microdevice systems!

Step-by-step plug & play upgrade
From chip technology to transponder technology
Plug & play aesthetic upgrade

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