Hotel Supervisor is the building automation system
of professional supervision dedicated to hotels.


Certainty in building automation for the hotel

A hotel that intends to operate by adopting high quality standards, cannot avoid acquiring a vast and extensive network of technological systems.
Microdevice Hotel Supervisor represents the final result of a long project, a single centralized building automation system for the supervision and real-time control of the systems and the entire structure hotel industry.

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Hotel Supervisor belongs to the category of building automation systems with distributed intelligence with specific use for automation integrated in hotel structures .

Thanks to the Microdevice hotel automation, you can manage energy savings easily and effectively (up to 30% on cooling, 20% on

heating and 15% on electricity), security, alarm and access control with maximum comfort inside rooms and common areas.

by the hotelier quickly.

Hotel Supervisor Features

1.Room management
2.Management of common areas
3. Reception area
4. External access management
5. Automation of technological systems
6. Frigobar online
7. Optional services
8. Interface with management software
9. SafeBox online

Flexibility and speed of installation.

Designed with maximum flexibility, Hotel Supervisor is based on cutting-edge technological concepts that guarantee its reliability, extreme ease of use and system expandability. With Hotel Supervisor it is possible to customize each system by responding to specific needs, choosing from the numerous proposals in the catalog. Designed to simplify hotel automation for cabling, installation and maintenance activities. Any changes on the system can be managed remotely.


La gestione delle stanze è affidata al modulo di gestione camere.
Ogni camera è personalizzabile con l’ampia offerta del sistema di supervisione Microdevice.

1. Rooms Management

The management allows the room assignments to customers and the desired authorizations (e.g. access to services such as solarium, sauna, swimming pool, etc …) All room settings such as temperatures, fan-coil speed (with customer in the room, outside the room or with free room) are customizable.

It is also possible to keep under control the traffic of the rooms with the passage of customers and service staff (waiter, maintenance). Room consumption reports are also available.

Room services:

    • Access control of the customer and staff, with differentiation on 5 levels;
    • Detection of break-in attempts by contact on the door;
    • Reporting outside the room and at the reception of the presence of the customer in the room and the “do not disturb” function ;
    • Reporting by the maid for room ready ;
    • Availability from the reception of the staff assigned to the rooms;
    • Control of the power supply of the systems stationed according to the occupation;
    • Room air conditioning system management (temperature and fan-coil fan speed);
    • Bathroom tie rod alarm for customer’s request for help and window opening, with automatic stop of the room fan-coil;
    • Indication at the reception of room not accessible for failure;
    • Fire detection through optical and thermal smoke detectors;
    • Check that the minibar has been opened.

Reception Service:


  • Room assignment and assignment, via filing cabinet , of the key (Card) to the customer;
  • Real-time situation of the bedrooms and rentable, ready and unusable;
  • Indication of all alarm situations in the hotel.

2. Common areas management

As well as the rooms, the common areas (corridors, breakfast room, etc …) can be customized by managing the desired temperature , switching on and off lights , checking alarms and services such as solarium, fitness area, allowing entrances and passages only with enabled cards.

All information is made visible through the real-time supervision system at the central location.

The supervision software manages the issuing of cards and the assignment of services for each individual user, in addition to check-in and check-out.

It allows the configuration of the general parameters of the hotel, monitoring all data in real time.

There are also entrances and exits from the car park, from the hotel or external areas (e.g. swimming pools and tennis courts) with various permit shifts and paid services.

3. Reception Area

The supervision software manages the check-in and check-out .

In addition, it allows the configuration of the general parameters of the hotel, monitoring in real time a series of data related to customer management and related rooms.

4. External access management

The management of the most common external accesses are: garage entrances and exits and entrances to the hotel system or generic external structures (e.g. swimming pools, tennis courts) controlling traffic and passages as a guarantee security , with the aim of satisfying customers’ needs and comfort. Various permit shifts and paid services can be managed.

5. Automation of technological systems

The types of systems controlled with Hotel Supervisor include:
thermotechnical thermoregulation, Boilers and Uta. The big advantages that the
home automation system for hotels can give are related to the integration that
allows savings on the plant engineering and facilitates its subsequent management.

 The advantages in managing the technological areas

Saving on costs, on the management of thermo-technical systems and on energy consumption is essential for the correct business management of a public or private structure (hospital, nursing home, hotel, accommodation in general). The costs for electricity and heating are continuously increasing and water becomes an increasingly precious asset.

The integration of our SUPERVISOR system, it allows a saving on the systems, facilitates its management and reduces consumption by up to 30%.


The advantages for those who must manage the structure

  • Safety and control in operations
  • Ease of command and management with consequent comfort for guests
  • Better use of systems and consumption accounting
  • Energy savings and in the purchase of the systems themselves.


The performance of our system affects all technological areas


  • Status detection and alarms of pumps and fans, air conditioners with automatic control and spare equipment;
  • Management and control of zone valves or sectioning of floor fluids (hot water, heating / cooling);
  • Automatic control of four-pipe systems with liquid circulation in relation to requests and external temperature;
  • Control of 0-10V or three-point valve actuators according to the occupation of rooms on the floor of a hotel, the use of operating rooms, etc …;
  • Monitoring and management of air handling units, evaporative towers, etc …;
  • Storage of all parameters and their variations (humidity, flow temperature, etc.).

6. Frigobar online

This module for hotel rooms allows management of the online fridge and control of the  Frigobar with automatic charge .

All this is possible only thanks to the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system conceived and produced by Microdevice and used in many hotel facilities.

Online Frigobar is one of the components of the “intelligent room” family and is an essential element of hotel automation.

7. Optional Services

A building automation system for hotels cannot fail to include the management of sauna, solarium, fitness room systems.
Accounting, charging and access control to these services are also part of the great features of Hotel Supervisor.

8. Interfaccia con software gestionali:

  • Ciaomanager
  • Elle hotel (Ebis Informatica)
  • Fidelio Opera (Oracle)
  • Geasystem
  • Leonardo (GestioneAlbergo)
  • Gestione Albergo (Gialb)
  • Orange Suite (Orange Lab)
  • Scrigno Front Office (GP Dati)
  • Syshotel Genius (Sysdat Turismo)
  • Nuconga (Evols)
  • Protel (Serenissima Informatica)
  • Suite 4°, Hotel 4°, Hotel 3° (Ericsoft)
  • Hotelcube (Proxima Service)
  • PAR Springer Miller Systems (distribuito da NexHos)
  • Leonardo H2000 (LTL Informatica)
Air Conditioning
  • Toshiba
  • Daikin
  • LG
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic – Sanyo
  • Samsung
  • Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Electric e Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
  • Messana
  • Swegon
  • Aermec
  • Iseo serrature
  • Cisa
  • Agb
  • VingCard
  • Pwm
  • Dali
  • 0 – 10 v
  • Dmx

9. SafeBox Online

The SafeBox goes online!

All this is possible only thanks to the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system.

Online safe is one of the members of the “ smart room ” family.

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