Hotel Hermitage


A mountain chalet, where elegance manifests itself in every little detail: in the fine furnishings, in the careful and thoughtful treatment reserved for guests, in the SPA with heated indoor pool, in the kitchen with authentic and genuine flavors; this is the Hotel Hermitage our customer since 2016.


Tecnologie installate

The lines chosen by the structure are and Youlight and Click & Touch.
The first, installed externally, is highly customizable thanks to various aspects such as: the application of the hotel name / brand, the room number and the “do not disturb”, “guest present” and “alarms” signals.
The second, inside the room, is equipped with buttons characterized by a bright blue backlight which makes the atmosphere pleasant even in the dark.

Thanks to the combined system of the H-Supervisor lines, made up of:

  • External reader for access management;
  • Internal presence reader;
  • Integrated thermostat with the “probe” for temperature regulation;
  • “Sensylight” panel for the management of lights and luminous scenographies.

Customers will enjoy their stay in total relaxation.