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A modular system, designed with the entrepreneur’s needs

The professional supervision system dedicated to 4.0 companies and offices

The management software detects and reports in real time accesses, alarms, temperature, anomalies and consumption.
The system is centralised in terms of general settings, but always remains interactive. This means that employees of a particular area can intervene at any time.

Customer: Intred S.p.a (Brescia, Italy)

Accessing sensitive data with Safe Lockers

The system tracks access to sensitive areas, such as archives containing confidential data and presences in the rooms throughout the day.

The use is simplified with contactless RFID technology, thanks to which you just need to bring the card closer to the reader.

The system allows the supervision of facilities, with regard to the privacy of employees, since only the desired information is recorded.

Management of environmental parameters: lighting, curtains, temperatures and CO2 levels.

Office Supervisor is a simple and complete tool, capable of carrying out a timely verification of all parameters with a real reduction in management costs.

The H-Supervisor system simplifies the management of each plant and improves the life of those who frequent the workplace, ensuring a constant level of comfort as well as well-being and safety in the workplace.

Access, lighting, temperature, curtains, CO2 levels … everything can be managed from the panel or from the web, without downloading an app.

Customer: Farco Group (Torbole Casaglia – BS, Italy)

A special focus on energy savings

Office Supervisor controls the management of day, night and emergency light automations.

The PIR sensor (high-precision motion sensor) inserted in each panel, ensures the containment of waste, by avoiding to leave lights on in the absence of people in the work environments.

Controlling productivity and workstation

With Office Supervisor, the entrepreneur always monitors the productivity of his employees:

  • Accounting of all the services made available to the company staff, thanks to a customised card;
  • Workstations and working hours always verifiable.

With this tool, it is possible to activate the workstation, with the employee present, which is ideal for companies with a large number of staff, for a real-time check of actual working hours.

How Office Supervisor handles the clocking-in/out module:

  • Insertion of employees in a register;
  • Personal card for stamping the time-sheet;
  • Indication of the task and experience in using the program.
Customer: Vigilanza Group (Brescia, Italy)

Safe Gate: parking lots, employees, car washes, petrol pumps

Using the Safe Gate Supervisor system allows to check all incoming and outgoing transactions, by storing the history file on a dedicated server.
It allows:

  • Accessing to reserved parking lot via personal card;
  • In case of car rentals: scannable QR code on check-in and check-out;
  • Managing permissions to internal car washes via personal card;
  • Panel for selecting the type of wash and another for reading the card;
  • “Refuelling” module for the realities that have the petrol station.

For realities that have the petrol station inside, the “refuelling” module can be added to the Safe Gate system.

Customer: Oratorio Don Bosco (Flero – BS, Italy)

Case History: Specific management for the oratory

The Office Supervisor system has been customized for a state-of-the-art oratory in the province of Brescia.
Through the Office Supervisor and Colunbus system, lights, pedestrian and vehicle accesses, the boiler, temperature and safe are managed, all locally or remotely, guaranteeing and controlling energy savings and safety throughout the building.

Customer: Vigilanza Group (Brescia, Italy)

Case History: The complete application of Office Supervisor

For Vigilanza Group of Brescia, management includes from access control, temperature and lights, to refueling of petrol and car washing for employees.

Farco Group (Torbole Casaglia – BS, Italy)

Case History: Farco Group, the management and control of the structure and employees

The Building Automation system created for the Farco company guarantees supervision of all environments: offices, bathrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

The management of lights, curtains, temperatures, accesses is made simple and effective, guaranteeing management total security and immediate energy savings.

Profiled cards for employees that allow quick verification of who is present in the company and total management of the stamping system.

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