A fast integration Building Automation system

The professional supervision and nurse call system dedicated to hospitals and nursing

HOSPITAL SUPERVISOR:A fast integration Building Automation system

Microdevice has created a Building Automation system: Hospital Supervisor, oriented to use in healthcare facilities.
It stands out for its nurse call system and for extreme flexibility which allows management and control of a multiplicity of areas inside the hospital: clinics, departments for Alzheimer’s patients, operating rooms, external accesses, attendance control and technological areas.

Funzionalità Hospital Supervisor

1. Call nurses and health personnel
2. Queue management
3. Access control
4. Management of environmental parameters
5. Guardiole manned
6. Management of technological systems
7. Safe access to medicines
8. Security and alarms
9. Home automation for parting houses


Nurse call; access control and detection of employee attendance; air conditioning and heating control; lights and curtains management; climate management, machinery in operating rooms; rescue time monitoring; alarm management; management of boilers and AHU.

A simple , quick installation and easy implementation system: a single cable with multiple connection possibilities.

Hospital Supervisor it pays the utmost of its commitment to the skillful structuring of a functioning system. A system that knows how to communicate with all the controlled elements, guaranteeing the highest degree of performance .
Designed with maximum flexibility, Hospital Supervisor is based on avant-garde technological concepts which guarantee its reliability and its extreme ease of use </ strong >.

With Hospital Supervisor it is possible to customize each system by responding to the specific needs of the individual structure.

Hospital Supervisor has been designed to simplify the cabling, installation and maintenance activities. Any changes on the system can be managed remotely.

1. Call nurses and health personnel

Guarantee to the patient of an immediate response and monitoring of rescue times.

When the patient calls, the system activates a calming light inside the room and outside a flashing signal; at the same time it sends a acoustic and visual alarm message to the central PC, the wards and the consultation displays, which reports the patient’s bed and room numbers, the severity and priority of his request . </ p>

The message reaches where the presence of the staff is verified and confirmed , avoiding unnecessary disturbances to the department and making the assistance practical, fast, documentable and monitored, thanks to the identification card required to access the patient’s room.

Inserting the badge in the appropriate reader interrupts the alarm signals, starts recording the duration of the intervention and memorizes the identity of the nurse, considering it in the transmission of any new calls.

call management inpatient with Hospital Supervisor:

    • Reassures the patient and reduces response times;
    • Rationalize communications (inpatient / nurse / head nurse / doctor / primary);
    • Identify the staff and memorize their identity;
    • Transmits the alarm directly, avoiding disturbance to the department;
    • Safely supervise every intervention.


2. Queue management

The H-Supervisor system optimizes clinics, with scheduled appointments, without causing queues.

  • Welcomes and satisfies the user;
  • Check the flow of reservations;
  • Skillfully schedule appointments;
  • Consider priority of requests and type of user;
  • It spreads music and useful communications;
  • Store the medical record on a card;
  • Coordinate and supervise staff.
  • Hospital Supervisor is an articulated and flexible system with many potentials.

Through a reasoned and functional process, Hospital Supervisor organizes visits, samples and analyzes and the healthcare reality gains in terms of image and efficiency : optimizing the yield of the surgeries, collecting statistics and significant data, coordinating staff and producing a high quality service.

The user , satisfied and assisted , is welcomed by a technological system that relates directly to him:

    • By giving him a numbered ticket and indicating the counter to which he must go;
    • Entertaining him with specific music and communications;
    • Notifying him of his shift and Addressing him to the first available clinic, displaying useful information until the moment of his call.


3.Access control

Access innovation: maximum control at your fingertips.

All health and social care facilities need to manage and monitor access for employees, guests and relatives.
Whether it is the main entrances, access to the rooms, the pharmacy, the warehouses, the gyms and rehabilitation areas, every passage becomes sensitive precisely due to the type of structure.

With Hospital Supervisor, each entrance / exit is managed through panels with the use of personalized cards .

The system saves all data in real time, always accessible from the PC.

  • Personalized access management (users, family members, care-given);
  • Supplier entrance control and alarm for opening windows, main and service doors;
  • Management of guided access points (for Alzheimer and senile dementia patients);
  • Check attendance in real time;
  • Supervision of interventions and services timing;
  • Employee stamping and profiled access lift management;
  • Medicines inventory management;
  • Controlled distribution of drug treatment;
  • Signaling of alarms in protected areas.

4. Environmental parameters management

Precise thermoregulation of rooms for a reduction of consumption.

The well-being of the guest as a priority requires an always efficient environment:

    • Control of cooling / heating systems;
    • Customization of temperatures and humidity control in patient rooms, common areas and operating rooms;
    • Automated room fragrance;
    • Timed automation of curtains and blinds also for hospital wards with special requests.

The management of the illuminated bodies:

    • Management of automations and dimming of day, night and emergency lights;
    • Personalization of tranquilizing lights and chromotherapy.
Profumazione ambienti automatizzata

5. Guardiole manned

The guards become dynamic and the nurses’ call arrives only where it is needed.

Times, waits or delays are reminded to the supervisory system, building clear documentation of the event that can be exported with statistics and available for any need.

The times used for assistance to the patient are always available and demonstrable.

The supervision of departments and the management of the guards with Hospital Supervisor, allow you to:

  • Collect and record each alarm;
  • Sort the reports where the presence of the nurse is detected;
  • View the request in the guardhouse and, if desired, also in the department;
  • Communicate severity and priority of calls;
  • Remember rescue times and identity of the operator involved.

6. Management of technological systems

Reduction of waste against proper management of technological systems.

Air always renewed and without waste , only when needed and in established shifts.

The immediate and real advantages for those who must manage the structure:

  • Safety, ease and control in operations;
  • Better use of the systems;
  • Savings in the purchase of the systems themselves;
  • Accounting for consumption and energy saving;
  • Comfort for guests and automated anti-legionella cycles by the guest.

The integration of the Hospital Supervisor system allows a reduction in consumption of up to 30%

The types of systems controlled with Hospital Supervisor include all technological areas .

The great advantages that a professional Building Automation system can give are related to total integration with the systems , which allows to obtain real energy savings and facilitates the management of the structure.

The plants controlled and managed by the Supervisor system:

  • Thermal power station and consumption control (electricity, calories / frigories, sanitary water);
  • AHU management (air treatment unit);
  • Control of electrical panels and internal / external lighting;
  • Check valves and hydraulic devices;
  • Operating room lighting management;
  • Event recording, alarms and clock synchronization to floors.

A punctual cleaning of the air and a correct setting of automated anti-legionella cycles is essential for the guest’s well-being.

The performance of our system affects all technological areas :

  • 24-hour monitoring and control of the equipment of THERMAL, REFRIGERATOR, WATER plants;
  • Status detection and alarms of pumps and fans, air conditioners with automatic control and spare equipment;
  • Management and control of zone valves or sectioning of floor fluids (hot water, heating / cooling);
  • Automatic control of four-pipe systems with liquid circulation in relation to requests and external temperature;
  • Control of 0-10V or three-point valve actuators according to the occupation of rooms on the floor of a hotel, the use of operating rooms, etc …;
  • Monitoring and management of air handling units, evaporative towers, etc …;
  • Storage of all parameters and their variations (humidity, flow temperature, etc.).

7. Safe access to medicines

Safe drug delivery with Safe Lockers operated lockers.

Drugs, medical records and chemicals always protected.

Safe Lockers is a additional module of Hospital Supervisor that allows the opening of lockers, by card, with materials accessible only to authorized personnel.

The system stores all openings / closings (date, hour, minutes, seconds) by matching them to the card used.

Management is facilitated and optimized for maximum security for:

  • Drugs;
  • Medical records;
  • Chemical products.

8. Security and alarms

Motion sensors in all environments to ensure maximum safety.

Each panel integrates a very high precision motion sensor , usable as an alarm and healt care 4.0, knowing in this way if the patient moves or it is necessary to accompany him when he gets up during the night, with a system of lights and light paths .

  • Real-time management of alarms;
  • Management of sensitive accesses / exits (stairs, protected areas, pharmacy, anti-panic doors);
  • Water supply control;
  • Night light signals and guided tours;
  • Motion sensors in specific environments;
  • Controlled day and night access for family members;
  • Window opening signaling.

Home automation for funeral home

Control in the funeral houses

One of the strengths for the management of funeral houses is the control of the ATU during masses or with a high influx of visiting people.

I vantaggi per chi deve gestire la struttura:

    • Safety, ease and control in operations;
    • Savings in the purchase of the systems themselves and
    • Accounting for consumption and energy saving;
    • Guest comfort and automated anti-legionella cycles by the guest.


From the Hospital Supervisor system, a ad-hoc tool was created for the Farewell Houses. An automation system resulting from Microdevice’s over thirty years of experience, which has ensured customers such as the Mombelli Funeral Honors an immediate and timely response to every need,


from the technical specifications required by current legislation, to the needs of privacy and confidentiality of visiting relatives, without ever forgetting the optimization of energy saving through the study of specific algorithms.


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