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A passion that has lasted since 1981

We are an Italian company specialized in “Building Automation” e Intelligent Supervision of buildings.

We design technological solutions for hotels, RSA, offices and luxury homes with the H-Supervisor system.

A company born with the mission of producing electronic equipment for industrial automation, it began to specialize already in the late 80s in the creation of highly reliable components in the Building Automation sector, with design and production entirely Made in Italy.

The founder, Claudio Abrami, tells with emotion the years in which the desire to create a supervision system capable of making buildings accessible and on a human scale was born in him.

“My dream was born in 1972, from a promise made to friends of the ITIS electronics course and it was concretized in the 80s when, among the first, we used the protocols used today in telecommunications and embarked on the path of quality , with the obsessive search for the best performances. ”

Claudio Abrami

CEO, Founder of Microdevice

Where we are

To date, Microdevice has installed its supervision systems all over the world, in public and private structures; the most requested is the H-Supervisor system, active in over 1000 accommodations.

together with the continuous evolution of the products, the company has always maintained an “artisan” approach to the market, which allows it to always be in close relationship with customers and to be recognized for seriousness , ethics and reliability .

Microdevice owes its success to the peculiarities that characterize it: dynamism, availability, ability to dialogue and compare. The company’s goal is to create innovative products , useful and easy to use.


Since its inception, Microdevice has distinguished itself for ethics and sustainability in design and production, values ​​pursued with the precise aim of achieving the best possible result.

These objectives have developed over time since we have always paid particular attention to social needs, in particular in the case of energy saving and respect for the environment .

Microdevice products have always been created following “market needs” and pursuing a precise mission : reliable and long-lasting systems and products to reap the real benefits of technology. 

At your service

To offer customers exactly what they want, we have chosen the path of personalizing products and services, always guided by two values: customer orientation and loyalty.

In fact, Microdevice relates to customers in a sincere and transparent way, avoiding the development of false expectations, establishing long-lasting relationships of trust based on the satisfaction of those who have chosen H-Supervisor systems.

Our desire is to give customers safety and well-being in any situation, whether working or personal.

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