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L’innovativo sistema per gestire e controllare i carichi elettrici di tutte le strutture.

Quando colleghi più di un dispositivo contemporaneamente il contatore salta sempre nel momento meno adatto.

  • La bolletta arriva dopo due mesi e ti accorgi troppo tardi delle anomalie su consumi e perdite idriche.
  • La scelta non è ampliare la potenza della tua utenza andando così ad aumentare i costi fissi.


Hai bisogno di risolvere questo problema…

We have the answer

“M-ant” is the only certified and patented solution that ensures real-time control with a 10W resolution for all electric loads, remotely controllable, guaranteed by a professional industrial Building Automation system.”

In times when we need to pay more attention to energy savings and efficiency, a unique and innovative system was created: M-ant (Modern ant).

It is the evolution of savings, which only with the technology of H-Supervisor Microdevice avoids daily power disconnections, thus ensuring a rigorous control of consumption and providing a valuable tool for the management and measurement of data, in an easy and intuitive way, even remotely.

Controlling consumption to save

The M-ant management occurs both on the total consumption, thus avoiding the disconnection of the meter or limiting the power absorbed by the entire system, and on the consumption of individual utilities and/or sockets, thus limiting their use according to the user’s needs.

The ability to access and analyse the history file that allows the user to understand how to save.

  • Control of home or business electric loads.
  • Management of power and water consumption;
  • Real-time anomalies warning;
  • Access to statistics and consumption history file;
  • Easy management from PC or Tablet.

How M-ANT works

The measuring points are all sections where the M-ant system is installed, and each module has several devices connected to it (*1-2-3)..

The system consists of devices for measuring consumption, connected to control panels, which communicate with the H-Supervisor system. The connected measuring points, panels and devices can be endless and independently manageable. You can also prioritise a particular device (both manually from the panel and from software). If the established maximum consumption threshold is reached, this will be the last to be disconnected.

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