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Cassaforte online

Cassaforte Online is a Microdevice patent; it consists of a connection module to connect any type of room safe to the central computer.

How it works

It allows you to report all the opening and closing movements of the safe in real time.

In addition, with the H-Supervisor supervision system of Microdevice, you will be able to record a history file that will include the opening and closing date and time, those who made use of the service and its relevant category.

Semplified Management

Through the centralised system, you can check all the opening and closing movements of the individual room safes with the indication of the room number, opening/closing time, name of the customer, number of the card that enabled these operations.

When the room is in check-in status, it can only be opened by the customer and not by the service staff in order to ensure greater security.

Advantages that safe on-line can give to the hotelier:

  • Software display of the history file of door opening/closing and safe removal alarm;
  • Alarm reporting for safe closed on check out: intervention of the staff having a secret security code;
  • The guest is not aware of the real-time monitoring of the safe;
  • In case of theft, the database will track all the movements of the staff in the hotel and the operations of the safe;
  • Ability to use standard code safes with electromagnet or motorised deadbolt.

Advantages that safe on-line can give to the guest:

  • Classic safe with personal secret code;
  • The guest has not to carry out any additional operations to use safe on-line;
  • The card inserted in the room’s internal reader (the same used for the activation of electricity and room services) controls the safe;
  • The guest uses the safe’s digital keypad for normal operation with the personal secret code.

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